Saturday, 25 February 2017

Brazilian Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer

A well shaped buttock is necessary if you want to improve overall body contour and look your best in various kinds of outfits including beachwear. The good news is that you can now enhance your posterior without the use of implants. A Brazilian butt augmentation with fat transfer can provide you with curved and rounded buttocks in a natural way. This procedure uses your own fat to enhance your derriere.

Advanced Fat Grafting Procedure for a Butt Lift

If you want to increase butt volume and contour and have surplus fat in areas such as the hips, flanks and thighs, you could be a good candidate for Brazilian butt augmentation. The plastic surgeon would decide on a good donor site after careful evaluating your physique. Minimally invasive liposuction techniques are used to extract the excess fat from the donor site, after which is processed to remove impurities. The fat grafts are then injected at specific depths and areas in your posterior to boost volume and enhance contour. Effective diagnostic imaging systems allow the surgeon to determine the position for fat placement and also the quantity of fat deposited.

This method is considered a safer and more effective option than implants as no foreign material is inserted in your body. Moreover, it offers the additional benefit of trimming the donor areas with excess fat while providing the patient with fuller, curvier buttocks.

Locate a Reliable Plastic Surgery Practice

This buttock augmentation procedure offers many benefits over the implant method, but you would be able to enjoy the benefits to the fullest only if you have your procedure in the right plastic surgery practice. Make sure that the practice is AAAASF-accredited and that the plastic surgeon there has sufficient experience in performing this surgery. When a right practice is chosen, you could enjoy the following benefits when undergoing Brazilian butt augmentation with fat transfer:

•    Services of expert plastic surgeons and well-trained staff
•    Personalized solutions with end-to-end care
•    Minimal side effects
•    Minimal scarring and discomfort
•    Use of advanced, safe liposuction techniques
•    Faster recovery

Do some research to find the right plastic surgery practice. Ask your primary care physician to recommend a good surgeon or try to talk to people who have undergone the procedure. Look up online directories and the Yellow Pages and shortlist a few plastic surgeons. Check out testimonials, blogs, articles and reviews. Use all this information to choose a surgeon who is skilled and experienced in for the Brazilian butt lift procedure. This would ensure a safe and effective outcome for your cosmetic surgery.

Your buttocks can be made more alluring with new buttock enhancement procedures that are safe as well as very effective. Individuals who desire a beautiful, rounded, and firmly shaped posterior can benefit from the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure

The experience of Brian Evans Plastic Surgery West Hills Hosptial & Medical Center has the vast majority of patients will have successful results with fat survival. One thing is for sure, sculpting the buttocks by removing fat from the proper areas around and adding volume to the buttocks will certainly improve the contour, shape and curves no matter how much fat actually survives. The combination of selective liposculpture and fat augmentation will produce a leaner look and shapelier

Contact Brian Evans MD today to schedule your butt enhancement consultation in West Hills Hosptial & Medical center
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