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Get Enhanced Results with Brazilian Butt Lift from Dr Brian Evans MD

You can get enhanced results with Brazilian butt lift via fat transfer by Dr Brian Evans. Fat transfer can make your Brazilian butt lift a lot more visually pleasing. Fat injected from other parts of the body gives the surgeon greater body contouring possibilities. Brazilian butt lift is the foremost buttock augmentation procedure, and is specifically aimed at providing firm and rounded buttocks which result in a curvaceous backside.

Some women have relatively flat derrieres; others experience a change in the overall figure and the presence of sagging skin following a weight loss program or pregnancy. Buttock enhancement procedures such as Brazilian butt lift can give women more self confidence and help them look good in beach costumes or evening dress.

Liposuction and Fat Harvesting

All butt augmentation procedures typically involve removing fat from areas that usually have too much fat such as the hip, flanks or the lower back and grafting these fat deposits into the buttocks. Liposuction is performed on the identified donor area to remove the fat. This process, called fat harvesting, involves creating incisions and using a cannula to remove the fat. The fat is then purified and processed before being injected into the buttocks. Tiny incisions are made on each of the buttocks and the fat deposits are placed in micro amounts with the help of a tinier cannula.

Skill of Plastic Surgeon and Innovative Technology

The amount of fat that is injected depends on how much is needed for the surgeon to sculpt the area according to the patient's expectations.
The ultimate appearance of the buttocks depends on efficient body contouring. The skill and experience of Dr Brian Evans MD an experienced plastic surgeon gurantee success of the procedure.
Modern liposuction and fat transfer procedures are carried out with high tech instruments that ensure precise deposition of fat accurately in the desired region.

More about the Technology behind Butt Augmentation

Modern buttock augmentation procedures employ tools that consist of an imaging platform and an ultrasound probe which enable the surgeon to accurately monitor every aspect of the procedure. This ensures more efficient body sculpting capabilities and of course, greater safety which leads to faster recovery for the patient and less scarring. A compression garment would have to be worn by the patient for a few weeks while regular activities can be resumed in a week, except for heavy physical activity. A reliable plastic surgery facility will offer comprehensive post-surgery care.

The main advantage of Brazilian butt lift through fat transfer and fat harvesting is that there are no implants involved which could potentially cause a reaction in the body. Get enhanced results with Brazilian butt lift via fat transfer.

The experience of Dr. Brian Evans Plastic Surgery West Hills Hosptial & Medical Center that the vast majority of patients will have successful results with fat survival. One thing is for sure, sculpting the buttocks by removing fat from the proper areas around and adding volume to the buttocks will certainly improve the contour, shape and curves no matter how much fat actually survives. The combination of selective liposculpture and fat augmentation will produce a leaner look and shapelier

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