Monday, 17 October 2016

Get Rid of Excess Skin with a Body Lift from Dr Brian Evans after Massive Weight Loss

You've lost all the weight, you're on a strict diet-You're even JOGGING! But, there's just one problem actually many problems:
  • Excess skin you hadn't expected left after weight loss.
  • Stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise won't budge.
  • An overall feeling of "what's the point"? After you've lost so much weight but there's that little bit left that won't go away.

Don't give up yet! Before you fall off the wagon, decide you are fated to be fat, and start shoving double cheeseburgers into your mouth. There's one more option-Plastic surgery. Plastic surgery after massive weight loss is a great way to shape up those little pockets of flab that won't say goodbye. The "body lift" is the most recommended plastic surgery.

How the Body Lift Gets the Job Done

The body lift is a combination plastic surgery that removes fat and tissue from different parts of the body. The tummy tuck attacks the belly fat, the arm lift fights the "bingo wings", liposuction sucks out fat, the butt lift battles the butt fat, the thigh lift well, you get the point.
Unlike these plastic surgery techniques, the body lift works on the whole body for total body contouring. It uses smaller versions of these procedures to pinch a little here, tuck a little there, and give you the finished product-A perfect body! Think of the body lift as the happy ending to your massive weight loss saga.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Body lift is becoming a more and more popular surgery, and as it does so, there are more doctors everywhere with the experience necessary to perform it. The first step is to research plastic surgeons in your area. You should look for a doctor who has some experience with the body lift. Because it uses lots of different techniques, experience is key. If you don't find anyone who does body lifts in your area, you should consider traveling to another area. Visit Brian Evans MD if you are looking in West Hills, CA.

After finding an experienced body lift surgeon, you should schedule a consultation. This is the most important step! At the consultation, your doctor will explain the procedure. They will explain what you can expect from your surgery. They'll also ask you about your medical history, and make an overall assessment of your flab problems.
The consultation is also your chance to get information about the surgery. Ask lots of questions, have a good look at before and after photos, and ask the doctor about their experience. If there is anything that puts you off about the clinic or the doctor, go somewhere else. It is far too important to leave in the hands of someone you don't totally trust.

You can expect some recovery time. Because the body lift uses so many small operations, the recovery can be serious. Make sure you follow doctor's instructions and most of all, take it easy for a while. Don't exert any part of your body. You'll just have to take a vacation on the couch and make somebody else do everything too bad!
Don't feel gypped after your massive weight loss. Get rid of the flab that keeps hanging around with a body lift. Plastic surgery after massive weight loss can get you the way you want to be-slim and happy!

At Dr. Brian Evans Plastic Surgery West Hills Hosptial & Medical center, everybody lift procedure is customized for the needs of our patients. Depending on the amount and location of excess skin, Dr. Brian Evans can focus efforts on one particular area of the body like the thighs or arms, or perform a complete upper or lower body lift. The goal is to help patients feel better in their bodies, and help them overcome every obstacle that may arise after weight loss. For the best results, Brian Evans Plastic Surgery patients can opt for a lower body lift, which includes a tummy tuck, or a complete upper body lift, which may require a Neck Lift and Breast Lift.

Contact Dr. Brian Evans today to schedule a body lifts consultation.
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